Tag scribbles from the other day…many don’t realize this, but we’re a small brand made entirely in California - even half of our yarn is made within a 75 mile radius of Los Angeles. As long as we can, we promise to keep it that way. #insideout #fashionrevolutionday #tbt

the last of #ss14 just landed at @isetanparknet. 🌸

Leather and Mohair Granny Square Sweatshirt. #crochet #handmade

sometimes it’s the little things. 🐣 #happyeaster

#happyeaster 🐰


In 1932, Dr. Archibald Purves from England designed the Dynasphere.  He believed that one huge wheel encompassing five passengers was far more efficient than a car with four wheels.  The biggest issue was that it steered quite poorly.  (via)

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archive, styled by @kyleluu for Factice Magazine. #fbf

#resort15 #howitsmade (at Rag Finders of California)

Waiting for the #bloodmoon. 🌙